Proposed alterations to the New York Public Library’s facade

New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Committee will hold a hearing on the New York Public Library’s proposal to change its facade on Tuesday, January 22, at 2pm, in its conference room on the ninth floor of 1 Centre Street. In advance of the hearing, details of the library’s proposal, as prepared by Foster + Partners, were on display today at the Landmarks Preservation Committee’s office, and I took photos, which I’ve uploaded here. Please note that these plans don’t reflect any of the changes that have been proposed for the interior of the building, because only the facade has landmark protection.


I biked from Windsor Terrace to Red Hook and back this morning, and took a few photos. 

A tree leaning against an apartment building on 11th Avenue, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, 8:50am.


A tree down in Prospect Park's Nether Mead, 8:53am.


A tree down in Prospect Park's Long Meadow, 9:04am.


Inspecting the roots of a tree toppled near the ball fields in Prospect Park, 9:10am.


Prospect Park West bike lane, looking north from 15th Street, 9:14am.


Car crushed by a fallen tree, Prospect Park West at 14th Street, 9:15am.


Tree leaning against a house, 13th Street near 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 9:21am.


A burnt-out minivan, Lorraine Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 9:32am. "That car always had electrical problems," said a passer-by.


A power line dangling in the middle of Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 9:41am.


Van Brunt Street underwater, near Fairway supermarket, Brooklyn, 9:44am.


Water in a residential basement, Conover Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 9:53am.


Downed willow tree, Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 10:09am.


Sidewalk undermined by flooding, as visible through the corner of a planter, Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, 10:11am.


Standing water in a Chinese restaurant's basement, Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, 10:12am.